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Surgical Procedures

Belle Meade provides surgical care for our patients.

Regular skin exams are important. If you have seen a change in your skin contact us to help diagnose the best treatment for your skin.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a specific type of skin cancer removal procedure performed by specially-trained dermatologists.  This technique offers the highest cure rates for skin cancer; however, it is not indicated for every skin cancer.  See our Mohs Surgery Section for more information.

Laser Surgery

Lasers can be used to treat facial redness, dilated blood vessels and fine lines and wrinkles. Many different lasers are available and custom treatment plans are designed to meet your needs

Mole Removal/Skin Tag Removal

A mole is a cluster of skin cells - usually brown or black - that can appear anywhere on your body. They usually show up before age 20. Most are benign, meaning they’re not cancerous. There are 2 ways to remove moles/skin tags:

  • Surgical excision. Your doctor will numb the area. He’ll use a scalpel or a sharp, circular blade to cut out the mole and some healthy skin around it. He’ll stitch the skin closed.
  • Surgical shave. This is done more often on smaller moles. After numbing the area, your doctor will use a small blade to shave off the mole and some tissue beneath it. Stitches aren’t usually needed.

Cyst Excisions

Epidermoid cysts are asymptomatic, dome-shaped lesions that often arise from a ruptured pilosebaceous follicle. The minimal excision technique for epidermoid cyst removal is less invasive than complete surgical excision and does not require suture closure. The procedure is easy to learn, and most physicians experienced in skin surgery can perform the procedure after three to five precepted sessions. It involves making a 2-to 3-mm incision, expressing the cyst contents through compression and extracting the cyst wall through the incision. Gauze or a splatter shield should be used to protect the physician from spraying of cyst contents.

Melanoma Excisions

A melanoma removal removes the entire melanoma along with a border (margin) of normal-appearing skin. The width of the border of normal skin removed depends on the depth of the melanoma. More tissue, usually skin and fat, is also removed from under the melanoma.